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To take your business to the next level with proven Tier 1 consulting business optimisation strategies, frameworks, systems, processes, tools, software and training.

Our Mission

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We provide business with optimisation strategies, frameworks, systems, processes, tools, software and training to place them on the path to market leadership success.


Sub-optimal business systems and practices consume excess resources, produce excess waste, unnecessarily harm the environment and erode bottom line and shareholder value through inefficiencies and poor productivity. Business optimisation is good for the planet, economy, community and society in general. That's why we do it.


Formed in 2013, Always Optimise was established by Dean Lettfuss, a former Tier 1 Consultant, Managing Director and Partner of the InsideOut Group Pty Ltd - an Australian based consulting firm that has serviced government and blue chip companies in the mining, infrastructure, resources, utilities, manufacturing and construction industries for over 20 years.


Having worked with large companies on several optimisation projects, Dean became acutely aware of how much waste and inefficiency is built into business. Strategy, planning, operations, resource selection, allocation, procurement, usage, and even sales, marketing, advertising and pricing. Every company that Dean encountered had some degree of inefficiency and sub-optimal practices in place that could often be easily identified and eliminated.


In fact, over 99% of the businesses Dean encountered had never even implemented true optimisation practices, systems or software (such as linear programming), and often did not use them to their optimal capacity.


Contact Dean to discuss optimising your business today.


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