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The more complex the industry, business or operating environment - the more powerful optimisation modelling becomes.

Due to the processing power required to run optimisation models, optimisation modelling has traditionally been the domain of billion dollar companies capable of processing complex optimisation algorithms (eg. airlines). As computing power has increased and become more affordable, optimisation modelling has in recent years began to filter down to other industries. These include...

Marketing & Advertising

Examples of non specific industry applications...


  • Whether to expand a plant or open a new one
  • How many distrubution centres to have
  • What's the value of additional equipment over time
  • Which projects should we bid for
  • How much should we produce each week
  • How many shifts should we have


Financial Services

Mining, Utilities & Natural Resources

Transportation & Logistics

  • Inventory optimisation

  • Supply chain network design

  • Production planning

  • Detailed scheduling

  • Shipment planning

  • Truck loading

  • Maintenance scheduling

  • Best plant, route & truck combinations

  • Lowest cost holding stock combinations

Manufacturing & Production

  • Depot/warehouse location

  • Fleet assignment

  • Network design

  • Vehicle and container loading

  • Vehicle routing

  • Vehicle delivery scheduling

  • Yard, crew driver and maintenance scheduling

  • Inventory optimisation

  • Lowest cost truck and route combinations


  • Supply portfolio planning

  • Power generation scheduling

  • Distribution planning

  • Water reservoir management

  • Mine operations

  • Mine logistics

  • Quarry crushing and supply

  • Timber harvesting

  • Asset life cycle costing

  • Farming, produce & FMCG

  • Portfolio optimisation and rebalancing

  • Portfolio in-kinding

  • Trade crossing

  • Loan pooling

  • Product recommendations

  • Price recommendations

  • Optimal product portfolio combinations

  • Stock price forecasting

Workforce Planning/ Other

Planning & Budgeting


  • Workforce scheduling

  • Appointment and field service scheduling

  • Revenue/Yield management

  • Combinatorial auctions for procurement

  • Sales route optimisation

  • Resource matching and management

  • Airline & sea freight optimisation

  • Production planning

  • Operations planning

  • Capital investment planning

  • Asset replacement programs

  • Cashflow forecasting

  • Resource & capacity planning

  • Scenario analysis

  • Financial modelling

  • Expansion vs new investment modelling

  • Advertising scheduling

  • Marketing campaign optimisation

  • Advertising pricing: (ie. How much to charge for each time slot and per channel)

  • Online advertising optimisation

  • Segmentation and target market optimisation

  • Network capacity planning

  • Routing

  • Adaptive network configuration

  • Antenna and concentrator location

  • Equipment and service configuration

  • Load demand and timing optimisation

  • User pricing optimisation

  • How many resources will we need
  • Which marketing campaigns will provide the best return
  • Which activity should be done when
  • Which resource should be assigned when
  • When can maintenance or any special task be most efficiently scheduled
  • How many, when, how much and by who
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