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Optimisation Training and Workshops

People, Processes and Tools... the 3 key ingredients that make up a system and contribute to business success.

However, without the correct staff training the whole system will deliver sub-optimal performance.

Always Optimise provide in-house training and workshops in a number of business critical areas, such as business strategy, planning and asset investing, productivity mapping, decision trees, work breakdown structures, waste minimisation and management, energy use minimisation, workplace safety, diversity, inclusion and safe work method statements (SWMS). 


OHS&E Practices and Tools

Process Optimisation Tools & Frameworks

Investment Analysis and Decision Making

  • Strategic planning training, workshops and frameworks.

  • Business division and business unit planning workshops and frameworks.

  • Monthly and weekly traction / action and accountability training, measuring and monitoring.

Business Strategy and Planning

  • Asset investment analysis training.

  • NPV/IRR modelling training.

  • Decision tree analysis training and workshops.

  • Linear programming training using 'What's Best' optimisation applications.

  • Root Cause analysis training and workshops.


  • Business process engineering training.

  • Work breakdown structure training and workshops.

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) training and workshops.

  • Productivity mapping training and workshops.

  • Induction training.

  • Work pre-start training.

  • Diversity, inclusion, equality and racism training and workshops.

  • Site and manufacturing risk assessment training and workshops.

  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), training and workshops.

  • OHS&E compliance and reporting training.

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